My first interaction with Ferdie was for a reading. I had just had my heart ripped out in a massive love drama. Ferdie looked me straight in the eyes and said, ‘this is the best thing that could have happened to you!’ My first reaction was to want to pummel this unfeeling bastard. Then through attending his Wednesday night courses and having my mind opened up to other possibilities and worlds, I learned he was anything but unfeeling.

From Ferdie, with whom I had the honour of a lot of ‘one on one’ time, I learned to substantially reduce my own personal drama and become more of an observer unto myself – he would call it ‘becoming formless’.

Ferdie was always happy and cheerful, regardless of personal circumstances. Nothing illustrated this to me more than when I had a good year in my business and gave him a few thousand rands. He accepted with a gentle smile and said, “thanks very much, I was down to my last R50.00”. I was taken back! I would never have known, because his demeanor was always constant and he showed no outward barometer to his mood.

Ferdie had the most amazing ability to ‘draw from the ethers’ so to speak, information on any subject. He had a ‘father-like’ attitude to all his students, always keeping track of how they were, and helping where he could. He fielded many, many phone calls daily from students and clients seeking insight and advice.

I will always miss his cheerful ‘Hello Jono’, in the mornings when he came by my office for coffee.

Having known him for eight years, the best compliment I can pay him is that through his influence and teaching, the ‘sad lad’ who went to see him for a reading so many years ago, now feels like a distant relative I once knew, and I am a better man by far for knowing him.

Jonathon Wilkins (in South Africa)



Ferdie’s teachings have had a profound effect on my life – both personally and professionally. For the first time I am discovering spiritual teachings on inner life that go deeper than anything I have encountered before.  The exercises that accompany the teachings create tangible changes on all levels – physically,   energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – and can be used to transform any manner of issue in life.  When I read his work, the only feeling I perceive is of coming home to the truth. He feels to me a teacher of great depth and insight who is prepared to reveal the foundational workings of life and the universe, beyond those of any other teacher I have read previously.

The truth is revealed in the tasting – I highly commend his work to you.

Camilla Nova



Somewhere in the summer of 1989, I returned home from school for a long weekend. I was sixteen, or perhaps seventeen. It was a boiling hot summer’s day.

During the hour’s drive back to Kloof, just as we were passing through Pietermaritzburg, my mom announced that we had a visitor at home. I looked down at my tie scrunched up on the seat beside me. So. He had come after all. I knew who she meant and I was not pleased.

I don’t remember arriving at the house, and I don’t even remember the first time I laid eyes on him. That’s just the way it was. I wouldn’t have gone to his damned course come hell or high water. But our mysterious, rather young and heavily-accented Afrikaner visitor had other plans. He said to my mom, “Tell him to come, man. It will be good for him.”

He knew exactly what to say. When my mom repeated these words to me, I had to go. It would be good for me. Not for now, but for later on. Teenagers adore this kind of thing. So, reluctantly, I did go along. I listened. I found him hilarious.

I didn’t really get was he was saying that hot summers weekend, but I liked the metal detector he was building. Just think: you could find old coins on the beach! I also loved his first gift to me, one of those little blue boxes containing six stink bombs. I got a new box every time he came to see us. They were a real hit at varsity. And when our friendship was set in stone, it was way too late to turn back. Ferdie Rossi had set me travelling down a road that astonishes, delights and (mostly) flummoxes me to this day.

Nineteen years have passed since that hot, humid long weekend.  In that time I’ve graduated, travelled around the world, married Shelley. But my life really only really began when I started to listen to what he was saying.

His first and foremost task was to attempt to stop me feeling sorry for myself. He urged me to rebel against my own pity, and fight my self importance. In this, he failed most miserably. The battle continues to this day.

Then he helped me forge my link to the Spirit. Those few years were the best in my life, by miles. I’ll say no more about it.

With the link to the Spirit firmly back in place, his work was done. He returned to his first task, applying himself with the cool detachment of a madman who knows he faces an insurmountable obstacle.

Henceforth, all I would receive from my beloved teacher was a cold shoulder, a benefaction that continued for pretty much the rest of his life. He only occasionally demonstrated the tremendous affection that I had thrived under in those previous years. Sometimes he’d feel I needed additional pressure, so he’d make a little extra kak for me. His maneuvering was stupendous.  Late at night, I’d ask Shelley about it.

“Do you think Ferdie really hates my guts?”

My battle against myself added years of enjoyment to his life. Shelley found it pretty amusing too.

Being around F always made you feel like you were just at the beginning. He said even God feels like that. Like there is this most amazing adventure waiting for you, just around the corner. It creates an insatiable appetite for living. You feel the world could burst with potential.

So, three years after we chucked his ashes into the sea, I think the years of effort may have paid off. I may have just found my feet in his world and my own. But I’m not completely sure about that. Oh boy. What a ride.

Thanks F.

With affection




Another testimonial from SOUTH AFRICA

Crossing Ferdie’s path was the most important event in my life. His wisdom and input literally transformed the monotonous, ratty, day-to-day world I once lived in.

There are so many ways that he influenced me, but the first area I want to mention has to do with my work. Several years ago I took a position as co-partner of a fashion-jewellery company, as head designer. At the time Ferdie was teaching me to see and talk to ‘allies’ (think magical beings). I met an ally who has since not only become a good friend, but a superb designer. She comes up with truly wonderful designs and amazing ideas that I am simply not capable of. I sit down with the beads, and she tells me how she thinks the necklace should be strung. As a result of this, we find that people cannot resist our work, despite the rising costs of living here in South Africa. The local fashion industry considers our brand as the only original work being produced in South Africa. We don’t tell them that the jewellery is channelled, or that the company is named in her honour!

Another area I must comment on is how balanced his teachings were. As I grew spiritually, he made sure I knew how to stay on top of my own lower nature. The deeper I moved, the more my own ‘lower self’ rebelled. I saw clearly how subtly it operates, constantly making sure I had a reason to feel sorry for my own self. F taught me to face my own pity with total clarity and ruthless honesty.

His mantra was “The Earth Must Live”. To me, this sums up his teachings in a nutshell. For him, the spiritual path is not some quest for personal gain or enlightenment, but rather a way of life that enriches the Earth. It means that with the lower nature out the way, we can become the eyes and ears of this Great Mother, so that She may look within. I find this most inspiring. A most worthwhile reason to live!




I had the good fortune of meeting Ferdie and was a student of his for about 15 years. During this time we built a close relationship and became good friends. Ferdie was a unique Being who had a knack for teaching difficult abstract knowledge in a manner that made it easy for anyone to understand.

Unlike a lot of other Teachers who make an extremely good living out of teaching Divine truths, Ferdie had a different philosophy. He charged only enough to afford a bed to sleep in, basic clothes to wear and food to eat. He had a policy of not accumulating anything. He would accept a gift with his left hand and immediately pass it on to someone else with his right hand. He once told me that he did not see the necessity for, or have the time, to worry about any possessions that he accumulated in his life. At the end of his life Ferdie and all of the possessions that he held dear could have fitted into a suitcase.

One of the things that I miss the most is his maniacal laughing… the purpose of which will be discovered when you read and study his teachings.

I miss the intellectual challenge and craziness that our relationship and friendship gave me. My life has never been the same. He taught me to see the truth for what it was and to identify it in every thing that I came across; this has had a major effect on my reading. I see everything through a different lens and can discriminate and identify the truth. A lot of what I used to avidly read, now appears superficial, as it does not contain enough substance or truth in it for me anymore.

Ferdie spoiled me for good; the greatest tribute that I can make to his memory is to share his teachings and truths for the benefit of others, and for myself to continue traveling the unorthodox path that he showed me in my own quest for enlightenment. Ferdie can be epitomized by a walking question mark ?

Ian Gibbs
(South Africa)