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A Calling?

Ring! Ring!
The website, Raising Consciousness, has undergone a major face lift as well as a change of custodianship since late 2016.

As is the want of these things a seemingly casual, out of the blue thought one night led me to searching for Ferdie Rossi on the internet.

To put things in context, I had initiated the set up and successful running of a Facebook study group TEP, short for The Esoteric Practices which is the name of a book, The Esoteric Practices, written by Dr. Atteshlis, or Daskalos as his pupils called him. There are 33 lessons and over 400 of us worked through each lesson, one a week, until events around the 16th lesson (the Tarot card “The Tower” of course) unexpectedly led me to handing over the reins to Daskalos’ long time student and expert of his teachings, Daniel Joseph.

Here I was still geared up for presenting lessons and attending to questions from the students with nowhere to go. However, the ground being well broken I was able to be  receptive to the faintest of calls and when my search for Ferdie delivered an actual website called Raising Consciousness, I was thrilled!

The short version is the old website was needing an update and Felicity and Joan, the original and long time custodians were needing some help. Not being able to leave well alone I jumped in and volunteered and now I find myself the custodian of this utterly precious light as Joan and Felicity have decided to retire from “active duty”.

My promise: I will help keep the bright flame of Ferdie’s teachings burning for as long as I’m able, as best as I can.

Yours in Light

Diane Holmes


St.Vincent & the Grenadines

West Indies


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