This unique and valuable collection of books would not be available for sale to you if it was not for Felicity Loveday’s dedication and commitment to recording and transcribing Ferdie Rossi’s talks and workshops. Her work, for which I for one am very grateful, has effectively prevented his life’s work from slipping into oblivion.

The books are down-loadable at this stage only as PDF’s but depending on demand other formats may become available.

Please note, these are the originals, they do contain some typos and the contact details given for Ferdie and Felicity within the books are no longer valid. Again, depending on demand these books will be updated in the future.

Suggested Reading Order

  1. Ferdie Rossi – A Mystic For Our Times – FREE
  2. Highway To The Sun Vol. 1
  3. Highway To The Sun Vol. 2
  4. Highway To The Sun Vol. 3
  5. The Sleeper Must Awake
  6. What Is The Nature Of Death?
  7. Dance Of The Inner Goddess
  8. Dance of The Crystal Goddess
  9. The Art Of Scrying.

If you are unable to afford to purchase these books due to life circumstances, please contact me so we can make an arrangement.

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