Ferdie Rossi and Raising Consciousness

We, as students, are privileged to present you with a unique series of books and courses that describe a totally different, faster and new approach to spirituality for the attainment of expanded consciousness.

The reason they are different is that they delve deeper and more thoroughly into the ‘nitty-gritty’ of spirituality than the average person may be used to, but also offer easy, practical, and rewarding exercises.

The material originates from South Africa where an extraordinarily brilliant young Teacher, Mystic and Seer called Ferdie Rossi spent 20 years intensively teaching ‘The Six Yogas of Naropa’ in an entirely new format called “The Art of Movement”. He made this profound and ancient Tibetan teaching his own through diligent practice.

ferdie rossi

His method is without equal in that, after lifetimes of inner research, he adapted and created this new Art of Movement that:

  • Is totally practical with simple exercises and meditations.

  • Is geared to ‘save energy’ so as to resonate completely with today’s increased and faster energies.

  • Works much more quickly than the traditional ways.

  • Is NOT difficult to do!

  • Can be practiced at any time and in any place, and therefore is geared to our Western way of life.

  • Anyone who persistently practices, could draw the attention of this Teacher, and gain valuable assistance on inner levels.


    My mission is for this unique and ancient Tibetan teaching – The 6 YOGAS OF NAROPA to be available for the first time to YOU! Are you open-minded and interested enough to explore this simple and very different way of raising consciousness and reaching true enlightenment?

    It has been totally transformed into a NEW and quicker way to enlightenment, called “THE ART OF MOVEMENT” – totally geared to the Western way of living, thanks to the ground-breaking efforts and meticulous research of Ferdie Rossi – a powerful seer, teacher and mystic.

    I had the incredibly good luck of meeting Ferdie Rossi in 1985 in South Africa, after he had again reached ‘full enlightenment’, and at the age of 23 he just wanted to teach what he had made his own with great effort in the past.

    As his secretary, I organized his courses and consultations, because his consciousness was always ‘elsewhere’, constantly helping and teaching. He gradually unfolded what he knew ‘without a shadow of a doubt’, and we his students discovered that the key to enlightenment was all about raising consciousness, which he taught in a simple step-by-step, experiential and practical way until his sudden death on 13 July 2004.

     by Felicity Loveday

Keepers of the Flame

Felicty and Joan, keepers of the flame.
Joan left and Felicity right – keepers of the flame

That this body of work exists in book form and as a website at all is due only to the dedication, commitment and devoted discipleship of Felicity Loveday who served as Ferdie’s secretary while he was alive and who has almost singlehandedly kept the flame of his teachings burning for all these years since his passing.

The initial Raising Consciousness website was lovingly created and tirelessly managed by Joan Ellerby who is a very special and close friend of Felicity.

Most of the copy writing on this website, except for the news page, has been copied from the old website and has been written by Felicity in her wonderfully engaging and inspiring style.

Felicity, Joan and the many others behind the scenes have discharged this sacred duty of feeding and keeping the light of Raising Consciousness shining before and since Ferdie’s passing and for this they deserve our respect, admiration and deepest heartfelt gratitude.

six yogas of naropa

In these times, as in all times, the darkness of ignorance threatens to engulf us. Every light that can shine understanding on the purposefulness of life, the meaningfulness of life, offering practical, hands on techniques and exercises for pulling back the covers to reveal the truth deserves to be preserved. 

Diane on Raising Consciousness

December 2016

My name is Diane Holmes

I’m the brand new curator and custodian of Raising Consciousness. You can read the brief story of how I found myself becoming the next keeper of the flame of Raising Consciousness here.

I met Ferdie Rossi a long time ago in the late 1990’s when he gave workshops in Hogsback, a tiny mountain village in South Africa where I lived. At Ferdie’s suggestion I left the mountain and lived in Cape Town for a short while where I had the privilege of interacting with Ferdie through shared work space over the period of a year.

This initiated the most intense time of my life where I experienced huge melt downs and jumps in my personal and of course spiritual evolution. I was not always grateful for the necessary pain associated with such rapid growth, but if I had to do it all again I would. Many years down the line I can say without a shadow of a doubt I fully appreciate what Ferdie and all the many “teachers” who played their part so impeccably gave me.

I look forward to being of service to those of you who find yourself on the path to Awakening. Be warned though – Ferdie and his teachings are not for the faint hearted!

God Bless and Speed your journey!