ancient tibetan knowledge

The most potent teachings from Ancient Tibet have returned!

They empower us to raise our consciousness.

For the first time this remarkable body of knowledge, the life work of Ferdie Rossi a Teacher, Mystic and Seer of outstanding caliber, comprising of workshops and talks given by him and transcribed and published in book form by Felicity Loveday, is made available in the form of this unique collection of books dedicated to helping accelerate the process of Awakening.

Highway To The Sun Complete Set 3 books by Ferdie Rossi

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The Six Yogas of Naropa are a pearl of rare insight and wisdom and their reappearance is especially auspicious at this momentous time in earth’s history known as the ‘End of Time’. Now you can learn of your ancient history and understand how you have already changed once in this life from a magical being to a mere human being. See the roots of all your limitations and your unlimited potential!

Instead of the traditional, plodding pilgrim’s progress presently understood as ‘spirituality’, here you will find practical knowledge that works – deceptively simple exercises that can be done at work, at home, or while driving your car. They deal mainly with a rapid transformation of the self through ‘attitude’, which is all-important!

This is a path of DISCOVERY– nothing complicated mind you – as the inner core of all things is always extraordinarily SIMPLE! All that is needed is the will to persevere, no matter what!

ferdie_rossi Ferdie’s teachings are uncommon, hi-octane, down-to-earth, utterly simple and NOT for sissies! He never wanted to start a religion or become yet another “guru” and definitely did not encourage a following. However, since you’ve found your way here, please feel welcome, draw near and who knows? Let the Light of Higher Consciousness be your guide.